All you need to know about Click to Buy

Purchasing a car through Click to Buy is easy. If you have any questions, you can find answers here.

Car availability

Which Hyundai cars are available on Click to Buy?

All Hyundai models with offers on them are available on Click to Buy. That means you might not be able to find the whole range to buy online, but we are looking to extend the choice in the future. If you would like to buy a Hyundai that is not available on Click to Buy, your local Hyundai dealer will be happy to help you.

Can I get my car sooner than 2 weeks?

We allow two weeks so that we can be sure that your new car has been prepared to the highest standard. Once it has arrived at our preparation centre it will go through a number of checks before being cleaned and sent to your handover dealer. The dealer will then check and clean it again so it’s in top condition to go to its new owner.

The car I am interested in is not available for 12 weeks?

Some of our more popular or specialist models take longer to reach us, so we might need to order it from the factory. Our cars come from factories all over the world including South Korea, Turkey and the Czech Republic and are transported by ships (also made by Hyundai!) and lorries.

Part exchange

My registration number has not been recognised – what should I do now?

When you enter your registration number into Click to Buy we ask the DVLA to identify your car from it. Don’t worry if it hasn’t been recognised, sometimes it takes a while for the database to be updated. Check you have entered the registration number correctly and if that doesn’t work call the Click to Buy team on 0344 346 0130.

Why can’t I value my part exchange on Click to Buy?

We do our best to value every part exchange in partnership with our valuation experts – Manheim. Unfortunately sometimes this isn’t possible because, for instance, your car may be an import or have too little / too many miles on the clock. Your local Hyundai dealer may be able to help you with valuing your part exchange, or if you can sell it privately then the proceeds can go towards your new Click to Buy Hyundai.

I don’t know my exact settlement figure?

Don’t worry, just tell us the approximate figure as best you can for now – you’ll get chance to put the exact one in later, and we’ll need to confirm this before you collect your new Hyundai..

What is my settlement figure?

This is the finance amount that you have outstanding on your current vehicle. You can get your settlement figure by contacting your finance provider who will provide you with a statement. If you buy a Hyundai Click to Buy car then we’ll need this statement before your handover so we can arrange to settle the outstanding balance.

What do you mean by Vehicle Mileage?

We need your most up to date mileage for your current car so we can make sure we’ve valued it properly.

What if I describe my car wrong?

It’s best to describe your part exchange car to us as accurately as possible as your dealer will check it over when you get your new Hyundai. If they do spot any differences between the way you have described it and its actual condition then this may affect the valuation we have given you online.

Choosing finance

Where can I get information on different finance options?

Click to Buy finance is provided by Hyundai Finance and you can find lots of information on the different products they offer by clicking on the ‘i’ button next to the name of the product. You can also find out more by looking at the finance section at www.hyundai.co.uk.

What if I change my mind?

No problem, there is plenty of chance to amend your finance preferences before you make a final selection – look out for the ‘modify’ buttons. Even if you change your mind after you’ve ordered your car then just call the Click to Buy team on 0344 346 0130 and they will be happy to talk you through your options.

Why can I not have a budget lower than £8000?

When we show you personalised quotes we select them from our range of vehicles available on Hyundai Click to Buy. As our cheapest car is £7995 (the great value i10) we default to this as a minimum budget, this ensures that you will always see some results when you search.

Choosing Contract Hire

What is Personal Contract Hire?

Personal Contract Hire (PCH) is a funding product where you lease your vehicle for a fixed period and mileage, in return for a monthly rental. At the end of the contract you simply return the vehicle, without further cost, providing that the vehicle has not exceeded the agreed mileage and that its condition is reflective of its age and mileage.

Can I lease the car through my business?

Click to Buy doesn’t offer leasing for businesses at this time, but you can arrange this easily through your local Hyundai dealer. You can find details of your local dealer at www.hyundai.co.uk/dealerlocator.

Why can’t I own the car if I have Personal Contract Hire (PCH)?

If you choose PCH then the leasing company (in this case Hyundai Finance Contract Hire) owns the car and hires it to you for a set period of time. At the end of the term you don’t need to worry about selling it, you just return it to the leasing company and they will take care of it. If you would prefer to have the option of owning your car then why not have a look at the alternative financing methods available on Click to Buy?

Applying for credit

I’ve been asked to provide more information – why?

This is nothing to worry about, sometimes our finance partner just needs further clarification on some of the information you have provided to them in your credit application. The Click to Buy team will get in touch with you to talk you through the process, but if you haven’t heard from them yet then you can call them on 0344 346 0130.

My application has been declined – what happens now?

Unfortunately if you haven’t been successful in your credit application with Hyundai Capital then you won’t be able to buy a new Hyundai through finance on Click to Buy. The Click to Buy team will get in touch with you to talk you through next steps, but won’t be able to tell you why you have been declined; (they can refer you to a credit agency if you would like to know). All is not lost though, your local dealer may be able to help as they work with different finance providers – find your local dealer at www.hyundai.co.uk.

Are my personal details safe?

Yes. We look after your data and don’t pass it on to anyone else without your permission. We work with third parties who are specialists in data security so it’s safe to put your bank details into the Click to Buy system when applying for finance and paying your deposit.

Choosing a dealer

How do I find my nearest dealer?

There is a dealer locator tool on the Hyundai Click to Buy site that works by postcode. If you know who your local dealer is and you can’t find them on Click to Buy then they may not be signed up for the programme. You can still buy from them, just pay them a visit.

My order

Why are you asking me to pay £250?

We ask you to pay a holding deposit of £250 to secure your new car order – this is so we can reserve your car and begin processing the order. If you are paying a larger deposit than this we will deduct the £250 from what you owe us, or if you are paying less than £250 deposit overall then we will refund you the difference.

How can I cancel my order?

Changed your mind? If you would like to cancel your order, or even order a different car then just call the Click to Buy team on 0344 346 0130 and they will be happy to help. If you have already paid your £250 deposit, don’t worry, you can still cancel and we’ll refund it.

How can I make payments?

You can always make payments by going to My Account. We have partnered with GlobalPay to process any payments so you can be sure the process is safe and secure.

Why is the registration number of my new car not local?

Our Click to Buy team register all the new Hyundai’s purchased through Click to Buy centrally so you may not have a local registration plate.


My chosen dealer doesn’t have a suitable handover slot

Our dealers offer a wide range of handover times. Sometimes these will not be available as they have already been booked. You can either select a different handover time or change your dealer to a time that suits you.

Can I have the car delivered to me?

Yes, if you are paying by cash. If you are using finance then you’ll have to collect from the dealer to ensure the paperwork is signed and all in order.

What if I have problems with the car after I’ve collected it?

You will have purchased your new Hyundai from your nominated dealer so they are your first point of contact if you have any questions, but if you prefer you can call the Click to Buy team on 0344 346 0130.

My account

I’ve forgotten my password?

No problem, you can change your password when you log in. If you need some help with this then call the Click to Buy team on 0344 346 0130.

What is the security policy on passwords?

We want to make sure that your details are safe so your passwords must contain a minimum of 8 characters and be a combination of letters, at least 1 number and at least 1 symbol. Don’t worry if you forget your password, you can always re-set it when you log in.

Card charges

Will I be charged for using my debit / credit card?

Currently we will not charge you for using a debit or credit card when buying vehicles through the Click to Buy website.

Contact us

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